Top 6 Tweets of September 2012

It seems like only five minutes ago that I was wearing sandals every day and inflicting the sight of my bare calves on the good people of Norwich (and a short sabbatical in Dorset – share the wealth, after all).

Now? I’m permanently in a state of flux as to whether my heating thermostat should be set to 19 or 20 and eyeing up pairs of long-john’s in those little catalogues you get in Aldi’s.

How I’ve chosen these links

The links below have been chosen from the squillion or so I tweeted during September 2012.

They are ordered roughly by the amount of clicks they received – I have used the actual tweet text as each entry’s title which, in itself, is quite ¬†illuminating (if of course you are congenitallly sad like I am)

Just bought a #Nexus7 tablet – I found this article really useful

android home screenWhy I bought an Android tablet rather than splurging on an ipad are described in excruciating detail in another post – but I’m pleased to report it was a worthwhile decision both fiscally and as an aid to prop up my fragile ego.

(which, I’m not proud to admit, is based largely on the level of smugness I experience at any given juncture).

An app that turns your iPhone photos in #manga

manga style imageThat same sense of smugness was somewhat dented to discover that this app for turning iPhone photos into manga style images occupied the number 2 slot.

I say this because I do not possess an iPhone!

But hey, why should recalcitrant tight fisted realists like me have all (or any) fun – I’d be intrigued to see the results if any wants to send them to me!

#comic What every great writer has behind them

comic strip close-upHaving designed the odd kindle book for clients I have quite a few followers who are authors who no doubt were hoping for some kernel of truth that would help them on their journey.

I’m not sure this is it, but this humorous cartoon tickled me so hopefully they didn’t feel too robbed – and, as a bonus, Rachel’s sites has some useful resources for authors and a post laden blog.

Advice from #comics artists for comics writers

frame from comic bookAnother writing link – this time some solid advice from comics artist to comics writers.

I’ve certainly experienced some of the things mentioned here in my experience of working with writers on the comics projects, so it’s nice to know it wasn’t just me!

Four ways to become a spellbinding online personality

cartoon faceAs an incredibly insipid person myself, this article immediately attracted my eye – evidently there’s one or two other people out there who suspect they are too mediocre for this social media whirlwind we all now live in.

Mars Dorian explains with the use of some jolly nice sketches the things those of us wanting to project an enthralling online persona should be doing.

Are you still awake? Then I’ll continue.

5 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter #Hashtags

Hash tag printA nice straight forward one this – how those of us trying to use twitter to line our own pockets should be using the trusty old hashtag.

Being an airy-fairy creative type I always seek out good, down to earth advice on the basics – so I’m glad to see there are others out there who clicked this one, so I shall expect to see lots of strategically thought out hashtags from you all in the near future.

SP Design’s choice of the month

I actually first shared this article back in August, but it had so many clicks it seems only right to include it in this first monthly roundup.

What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day

happy toy frogI haven’t just made it this month’s Editors choice because of it’s popularity – there is actually some useful, easily implementable (predictive typing doesn’t believe that’s a word) stuff in there which has helped me to get more stuff done!

I shall keep you updated as to whether increased productivity will make me more “successful” or just allow me to engineer my own doom with greater efficacy!



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