Setting Bleeds on Scribus for PC

Annoyingly setting bleed areas is not a standard feature on the current PC version of Scribus (it is on the Mac version) – so here’s a method to get around this until the feature is available on future versions.

When you create a new document (File > New) follow the instructions below:

  • Set Default unit to Millimetres
  • Choose or set the size of document using the Size drop-down menu or by entering measurements into the Width and Height fields (i.e. A5 = 148 x 210mm)
  • Now Add 6mm to both the Width and Height dimensions (i.e. A5 would then be 154mm x 216mm)
  • Set Margin Guide to 3mm on all sides (left, right, top and bottom) – the margin will indicate where the actual edge of your document is.
  • Click OK to create your new document
  • On the new document the Blue Margin guide indicates where the ACTUAL edge of your document is.
  • The Red outer guide indicates the Bleed area (i.e. 3mm outside the actual document area) – any images you want going all the way up to the edge of your flyer / document need to go all the way up to the red outer rectangle.

You can now set guides for your desired margins, i.e. 15mm in from the inner Blue Margin guides:

  • Use the Magnification buttons at the bottom left of the Document area to zoom in (about 800 – 1600% will do)
  • Use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars so you can see the top-left corner of your document
  • Position your pointer over the top left corner of the Document area (where the vertical and horizontal rulers meet)
    Press and hold your left mouse button – now drag the pointer to where the blue margin guides intersect (cross)
  • Release the mouse button – note that the vertical and horizontal rulers have changed so that where you released the mouse button is now treated as zero (making it easier to set your guides without doing arithmetic!)
  • Place your pointer over the rulers on the left of the document window, press and hold the left mouse button, then drag a guide to the 15mm mark on the top ruler
  • Repeat the last step, but drag your guide down from the top ruler to the 15mm mark on the left hand ruler
  • Now use the scroll bars so you can see the bottom right corner of your document – now repeat the procedure to set two more guides.

Regularly check the Scribus website for updates – this limitation will be rectified at some point.

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