Design and Artwork Creation for Print

Expert Print Design

Print design services requires an eye for detail and a lot of technical knowledge where a small mistake can result in thousands of useless printed items.

Fortunately Stuart Paterson, SP Design’s founder, was head graphic designer at a specialist printers, so he has made all of these mistakes on somebody else’s time!

Local and international clients

SP design has produced print design work for massive, industrial clients such as Bayer and Rosti, but this type of work comes through big advertising agencies – nobody at a big, monolithic organisation like these would sit in a room with us!

Our most valued clients are the smaller, regional businesses and organisations who we’ve built a close relationship with over the years, such as:

Branding and stationery

  • Logo and branding design
  • Leaflet and business card artwork
  • branded stationery
  • brochures, books and advertising

Multipurpose art working

  • PDF artwork for print and digital distribution
  • interactive PDF presentation or download
  • conversion to e-book (i.e. Kindle book)