Visual Design

Making things look great for a reason

I’ll let you into a secret which, as a designer, I probably shouldn’t tell you – I’m not that bothered about logos.

Great design has been proven time and time again to be a cost-effective way of increasing business.

But without thorough market research, simply spending lots of time (and therefore money) developing a logo or other branding asset can be an imprudent use of your business resources.

Artistic design, graphic creation

print design and artwork creation

Exhibition stands and graphics

Traditional and digital illustration

Researching your customers

The root of the design process is in knowing your customers, what is important to them and how to reflect this in the design of your businesses assets (logos, leaflets and adverts, website)

Some business’s customers would be actively turned off if it appeared they spent a lot of money on a snazzy image – whilst others would reject the best product in the world if it didn’t have the correct logo on it.

Knowing who and why is at the root of SP design’s visual design ethos.

Once we know those will have a very good idea of what the best solution is!