How blogging grows your business

Adding content: The main factor in increasing business from your website

That is the bottom line – without adding interesting, useful content (most commonly in the form of blogging) your website decreases in relevance to both visitors and search engines.

The common (and understandable) reaction to this from busy, small business owners tends to be;

  • We’re too busy actually running our business without adding blogging to the list
  • We don’t have an enormous marketing budget or team to delegate tasks like this to
  • Even if I did have time, what on earth am I going to blog about anyway?

SP Design Blogging and Inbound Marketing services can help you!

Having worked for years with busy, small businesses I understand the pressures you’re under –
Indeed, I’m under those self-same pressures!

In response to this I’ve worked hard to design blogging and Internet marketing services that;

  • Draw on your specialist knowledge without taking up lots of your valuable time
  • Provide excellent value for money without tying you into a lengthy contract
  • Plan out an entire year’s content so will never be short of something to attract customers

I can help you plan and create regular, high-quality blog content which, over time, will continue to bring customers to your site.

Get your Free, Cutom-made Editorial Calendar

If you don’t measure performance, how can you tell it’s working?

The service includes regular, detailed reporting that provide important information to help measure and improve your site’s performance;

  • Visitor numbers and behaviour
  • Top content attracting visitors
  • Top keywords used to find your site
  • How your site ranks on Google for specific keywords
  • Social media network growth and engagement

Inbound Marketing involves consistently creating, measuring, improving and repeating activities (the main being Blogging) that bring visitors to your site.

The diagram below illustrates the cycle of activities the process involves.

Inbound Marketing flow chart
The Red sections (Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy) are carried out most frequently (daily and weekly).
Work carried out consists mainly of blogging and sharing posts on social media.
The Blue section (Monthly Metrics Report) involves the measuring and recording of your site’s performance.
Every month a report will be emailed to you.
The Green section (Quarterly Analysis & SEO) is carried out every 3 months.
All relevant Monthly Metrics are collected, analysed and new goals set for the next quarter.

Interested? See my Blogging and Inbound Marketing service prices