About Us

The small Norwich graphic designers that thinks big

In the incredibly competitive field of Norwich graphic designers, SP Design has established a reputation as a dedicated, friendly and trusted provider of visual design – no matter how eccentric our clients might occasionally be!

Design is all about the client (and selling stuff)

spdesign owner stuart paterson

*Iffy Haircuts are often a matter of subjectivity
(SP Design owner Stuart Paterson)

Started by Stuart Paterson in 2001 the SP Design team has grown to include the talents of a small, dedicated team of specialists.

Stuart has never lost sight of his roots as a sole trader though, still choosing to run things from a home-based office (another reason for this is he hates rush-hour traffic!)

Since starting SP Design has expanded and grown in skills and experiences (which benefit our clients), but not in lugubrious premises, fast cars or iffy haircuts* (which don’t benefit our clients).

I’m a small business – OK?

SP design had very humble beginnings, much like any venture started by someone with lots of passion but very little business experience.

Starting out his professional life as a musician and illustrator, the concept of exchanging his skills for payment was not alien to Stuart – the discipline of forming a lucid business and marketing plan were more of a stretch!

He did, however, to overcome this difficulty – successfully securing funding from South Norfolk Council, Prince of Wales trust and Barclays bank to start SP Design in 2001.

SP Design hasĀ Supplied:

  • Massive companies
    Such as Asda, Aviva and Bayer pharmaceuticals with specialist illustration skills and print design.
  • Successful entrepreneurs
    Such as Penny Power from Ecademy with website and support services
  • Hundreds of small businesses
    And, dearest to our hearts, Small businessesĀ just like SP Design (only doing actual, real things instead of just making things look pretty**)

They have all benefitted from our really good, really effective web and print design and advice.

**There is honestly more to it than that. Honest.